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OCAF Seeking Volunteer Gallery Director

OCAF is now looking for a Volunteer to take on the important role of Gallery Director. If you are interested in learning about this part-time volunteer position please click here for the job description/contact form. 


OCAF Event Applications

Many of the events that OCAF holds on an annual basis have applications associated with them and must be juried in. Please
see current list of event applications and prospectus below. If you're looking for Call for Entries to our various annual
Exhibitions, please click this link.  If the event your interested is not listed, please e-mail a query about the event to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank you for your interest in being part of our OCAF events!


Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational

Prospectus & Registration

There are two ways to submit your application to the Perspectives Selection Team:  

1) You may apply via regular mail and submit a disk by following the Prospectus below and submit
according the instructions stated therein. (Click the Prospectus link below.)


2) The second method to register is online. By clicking on the button below, you may submit your
resume, contact information and images online.

Please note: OCAF receives a 35% commission on all sales.


Thank you for Applying to Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational; Your application will be confirmed
by a member of the Selection Team.